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Why is UNO Online not working?

UNO Online must be played in http, change the address from "" to "" to play the game!
If that does not work, allow insecure content. You can do this by going to "Site settings" and scrolling down to "Insecure content" set this to "Allow"


Play UNO Online with Friends

Play everyone's favorite card game for free. UNO with Friends is an online card game available in any browser. This is a fun card game to play online with friends. It is just like the original. Be the first to have zero cards, but do not forget to say UNO!

How to play UNO Online

Each player is given 7 cards to start. The top card of the deck is flipped over and the player to the left of the dealer starts. You must match either the color or number to the card that is faced up or use a wild card. If you do not have the card you must draw one. Then the next player goes. If you have two cards left you must say "UNO" before placing one of the cards down. This Indicates you have only one card left. Once you have zero cards in your hand you win! A 'Skip' card, will make the next player to go miss a turn. A 'Reverse' card, switches the direction of play. The 'Draw Two' card, makes the next player draw two cards and they also miss a turn. Then the 'Wild' card, allows the player to change the color to whichever color they wish.

UNO Online Controls

  • Mouse to navigate
  • LMB to view, draw, select, and place cards
  • MMB to say UNO

UNO Online Tips

Save your wild cards for the end or in times of need. If you have a blue and it is blue, use the blue card not a wild card. You can save it for later when you really need it.

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