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Play with Friends is a survival game. You can collect creatures similar to the feature in Pokemon. The object is to stay alive while collecting resources for your village. Each pet/creature has abilities.

How to play

Collect resources to craft buildings. Level up to unlock various items. Place down windmills to generate gold. Level up your pets. Destroy chests around the map to collect Golden Apples. These can be used to customize your character. Controls

  • Use WASD to move
  • Click LMB/RMB to hit
  • N Attack
  • E Auto-Attack
  • L Lock Rotation
  • M Open Minimap
  • C Open in-game Shop
  • 1-0 Item Slots
  • P Secondary Weapon
  • O Third Weapon
  • T Windmill
  • B Food
  • F Booster
  • H Spike Tips

An animal has to be sleeping to be tamed. You can own 3 animals at the same time. Each animal has their own element. Collect Golden Apples in chests around the map or buy them in the shop.

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