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Play with Friends is a new io, online game. It is like the old snake game but with multiplayer! This is a very fun and time consuming game. See how long you can make your line! Collect orbs to grow your line. Get orbs from eliminating enemy lines. Play Powerline io online free at MM's Gaming Co.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control powerline. Receive a boost by being close and parallel to another line. Use this boost to get in front and cut off the other player to eliminate their line. Once eliminated, the player will drop orbs you can collect to grow your line even more. Check out where you rank in the room at the top right on the scoreboard. Controls

  • ←↑↓→ or W A S D to Control Line
  • Get next to someone else's line to boost Tips

To become bigger faster, use your boost to get in front of another line and cut them off. If they runs into your line, you can collect their pellets. Although, it is harder to do just starting out. This is because your line is small, but if you can pull it off, you receive a big reward! This saves time going after smaller lines.

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