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Play with Friends is a free, online game you can play in any browser. It is a 3D third-person shooter. This is a fun adventure game to play with friends! Become a pirate crew and sail the seas, taking over other pirate gangs. Learn to play below.

How to play

Become a pirate and sink other ships. Race for loot! Battle for #1 and destroy every pirate crew with your mateys. You can search for crabs and shells on the islands or kill other players to gain money, in order to buy better ships. Steer you ship by moving to sides. Controls

  • Mouse to control the cannon and view. LMB to fire.
  • Esc to see your mouse.
  • Shift to view the leaderboard.
  • Enter to view chat, press again to send message or close
  • W A S D to move player
  • 1 2 to switch between cannon and fishing rod Tips

Create an account to save player data. Team up with friends or other players to become #1. You have to work together to take down bigger pirate ships.

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