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Play Hide Online with Friends

Hide is an online game in browser to be played with friends. This is a prop hunt type game. Become a prop and hide from the hunters until time runs out to win. If you are a hunter, blast away at any object that looks out of the ordinary. Why is that plant moving? Shoot it! You can play Hide Online for free at MM's Gaming Co.

How to play Hide Online

You are either a hider or a seeker. If you are a hider, you find a good spot and item you think the seekers would not notice. Try and hide from the seekers until time runs out and vise versa.

Hide Online Controls


  • Space to jump
  • R to reload
  • Mouse to aim, LMB to shoot
  • 1 2 3 to change weapons
  • W A S D to move player
  • Enter to chat


  • W A S D to move
  • E to transform into an object
  • Q to tauntRMB to turn object
  • Scroll to zoom
  • Space to jump

Hide Online Tips

Use your 30 seconds to hide wisely. Find a good spot and do not move, unless you get noticed. Spots that are in plain site are great and most the time hunters will walk right by.

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