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Play Have Gun, Will Kill for Free

HGWK is a platform game made in Unity. Like other platform games, advance through the level jumping from platform to platform. Shoot enemies with your hand gun. This was a group project I worked on. You are Robotron, the only one who can save your planent from the alien invasion. Move throughout the levels, defeating aliens to get to the end and stop the mothership!

How to play HGWK

Defeat the aliens that stand in your way. Jump and dodge bullets, while firing back to destroy enemies. Advance to the end to kill the boss and reach the mothership.

HGWK Controls

  • WASD to move
  • J to fire weapon
  • K to use super attack
  • L to levitate
  • Space to jump


Either fight all the enemies or try to make a break for the mother ship! It is easier to take it slow and eliminate the alien invasion slowly.