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A casual Mobile arcade game available on iOS and Android

Paddle Balls

Play this new, free, casual, arcade game, Paddle Balls! Available on iOS and Android.

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Play Paddle Balls

This unity project was created by Morgan Houston. Paddle Balls is like the classic arcade game pong in a way, but with a twist. It takes gravity into effect! There are two available game modes. Good Luck!

How to play Paddle Balls

Bounce multiple balls, with your paddle, to gain score and be the best! Move left and right doing your best to juggle all the balls bouncing around. Collect coins and powerups to help you out.

Paddle Balls Controls

  • A D to move paddle

Paddle Balls Tips

If you go all the way to your left you will come out on the right side, and vice-versa. It is kind of like in Pac-man.

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