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Play City Tycoon with Friends

City Tycoon is a city building game you can play in any browser for free. Create an awesome 3D city today!

How to play City Tycoon

First, you will set up your map. Choose from big to small, however, I would start small and expand as you go. Create mountains and lakes, by adjusting the terrain. Then add buildings and roads connecting them. Build an epic city online and share it with friends! Have fun building, get creative!

City Tycoon Controls

  • Use Mouse to navigate
  • Use LMB to interact
  • Use Scroll to move camera
  • Use RMB to rotate camera
  • Use WASD to move on the map

City Tycoon Tips

Recommend starting small and growing as your town does. Note: game may get laggy if city is too huge! Connect buildings with roads, so the townspeople can get from place to place!

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