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Play Cats 1010 with Friends

Cats 1010 is an online game in browser. This fun little cat game will occupy you for hours! It is a version of tetris, but the blocks are yarn. There are levels as well. To reach the next level, you must complete rows or columns to remove a certain amount of blocks. As the levels increase, you must remove more blocks.

How to play Cats 1010

Remove blocks by combining sets of yarn to make a complete row or column of yarn. Do this in a certain amount of moves to complete the level and move on to the next! Click on sets of yarn to rotate them before placing.

Cats 1010 Controls

  • Use Mouse to select sets of yarn by holding and dragging to desired location
  • Click LMB on set of yarn you want to rotate

Cats 1010 Tips

Rotate shapes to get them how you want them. Try to work on multiple rows at a time. Good luck!

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