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Play with Friends is a free io game. Io games are online multiplayer games. Like other io games, you spawn in a big open box/room with other players. You collect pellets to make your flail bigger to collect more pellets and destroy more players. The bigger your flail is, the higher your score will be. Invite friends to your room for more fun! You can usually find the room code at the top left.

How to play

Navigate the map collecting points to increase your flail size. Throw your flail at other players by using gravity and velocity to destroy them. Collect the points they drop. Continue until you are the biggest and #1! Controls

  • Move Mouse to control your player's direction
  • Click LMB to release flail, Hold to retrieve Tips

Copy room link and send it to your friends, so you can play together! Team up and dominate the game room! You can throw your flail and wait until someone is between you, then retrieve it to destroy them easily.

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